IFD : Image Forgery Detection

Digital image tamper detection tools

A digital image is a data representing a two dimensional scene. Digital images have surpassed
analog images in all fields of applications. In today’s world of advanced computer
technology, tampering and synthesis of digital images can be easily performed by a novice
with a number of available sophisticated image processing software’s like Adobe Photoshop,
Corel Draw etc... In the fields such as forensics, medical imaging, e-commerce, and industrial
photography, authenticity and integrity of digital images is essential. In medical field
physicians and researchers make diagnoses based on imaging. This motivates the need for
detection tools that are transparent to tampering and can tell whether an image has been
tampered just by inspecting the tampered image.

یک تصویر دیجیتال داده به نمایندگی از یک صحنه دو بعدی است. تصاویر دیجیتال تصاویر آنالوگ در همه زمینه ها از برنامه های کاربردی پیشی گرفته اند.

در جهان امروزبا استفاده  از تکنولوژی پیشرفته کامپیوتر و نرم افزارهای پردازش تصویر میتوان عکس را تغییر داد و هویت یک عکس را کاملا عوض کرد.

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